Tone and Fit Body

Looking to lose 15-50+ pounds!? Are you stressed because you feel like your legs and feet are swollen and sore after a long day at work? Do you even have enough energy to play with your kids when you get home? At Active Body Health and Fitness we overcome obstacles together with the support and knowledge from our trainers.

We will design a program that includes resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, nutrition and flexibility to assist in recovery. We want to build good habits that will incorporate into your lifestyle forever.

Weight loss success stories

Adam, 39

Angie, 30

Charles 71

Angad, 29

Suzie, 26

more results

"I made a personal best time running the Brooklyn half thanks to Mike. "


"I learned a lot and I saw results in a month. Trust me, he knows what he is doing. =)


"Working overtime as a single parent is a difficult task in itself. But working out with Mike gave me more energy and I lost 2 inches off my waist in the first 5 weeks!"


"Training at Active Body Health and Fitness made me look and feel lean and strong.Thanks!"


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